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Art of Startup Camp Bali 2020

Art of Startup Camp 2020


Had enough with good advices and want clarity? 

This camp give the roots needed for the wild nature of your idea to grow, just like everything else in nature does when nurtured properly. Together we will give attention to the three aspects of a business that give the biggest impact.


Does your idea deserve a kick start and your full attention? 

This is a well-proven 5-day conscious business camp program limited to 15 participants in the phase of launching something great. With a small dedicated group, this camp in Bali has the chance to give you clarity and tools adapted to your specific business situation as well as give you friends for life.


Conscious Business is really a part of evolution. The new way of doing business is up for definition and we are doing it right now in this Conscious Business Community it feels like. It really feels like evolution happens through us after being at this Camp.

Estela Kun | Founder Freedom Summit and Freedom X Fest 


“Access to knowledge is not the problem today.

It’s the depth of clarity in the leader that determines with how much power an idea will grow.”

If you know that you are unique and that your contribution is needed for the direction of humanity to bend towards sustainability and wellbeing, following other people’s success strategies becomes almost meaningless. We all need you to find your success strategy.


The Camp was the best business investment I have made – even before opening a business! I believe the future paradigm of business is all about the journey instead of rushing towards the destination, and the camp really represented that! All the elements of the Camp were truly integrated. The overall value exceeded all my expectations!

Helen Light | Feminine leadership coach | Sweden

Business should be fun, not forceful, and this camp made me realize this on another level. Now I truly believe the concept of conscious business is something that will become the new way of doing business and I deeply recommend others to take one week out of your busy schedule and join this camp. You will not regret it.

Emil | Digital entrepreneur and cryptocurrency educator | Sweden

“The traditional models for business & leadership were established for a very different world – we need an update!” 


The Camp is designed to include your life experience and the wisdom gained from that into the foundation of the business plan. We need to learn from our past in order for our businesses to become more and more joyful, meaningful, effortless and sustainable the more we do it.


I found the week extremely rewarding on many levels. I feel your work and the camp really supercharged my business, and I look forward to manifesting the next level. After the camp, the flow of abundance and energy towards me and my business was amazing! My phone was ringing off the hook from clients wanting to work with me. The camp is multidimensional as it suits all levels of business from startup to taking an already established business to the next level.  

 Julie Williams | Consciousness Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Retreat Centre Owner, Ireland | www.quantum-evolution.com

We are really invited into a new paradigm of business by the Camp. And we feel that this is the way! It’s about passion and not fitting in but being who you are and having fun, and YES it can work! We are the living example and you can do it! A gift of the Camp is that we all see business differently. We have different perspectives, but we have all been brainwashed with what business is supposed to be.

Grace Grace | Life expansion coach and speaker | Belgium

“The Camp give you the essential things needed for a successful startup. Things you can´t google.”

You’ll walk out of the retreat with clarity on what makes you succeed as a leader and a solid, actionable plan for growing your business. You’ll also have continuous access to the global Conscious Business Community, a network of supportive individuals who can help you navigate every step of your startup.



I have experienced profound shifts in how I view business, money, conscious co-creation and MYSELF in relation to all of it. Having this beautiful combination of a Soul fingerprint reading and Conscious business coaching I feel well equipped to enter back into the “business world”. I better understand what my natural gifts can provide and feel hopeful about applying this wisdom to my conscious projects. To allow the journey to be effortless and in perfect alignment with my energetic, emotional and financial needs. I have gained insights into my “true calling” and feel the support of our motivational group, and of course our two loving, gracious, encouraging and focused facilitators.

Belinda Wehner | Professional Surf Coach/entrepreneur | Australia

The Conscious Business Camp was an amazing experience. I came to the camp with an open mind and left it blown away by the clarity around my calling that I found during the intense and soulful five-day journey I shared with the other camp participants. The facilitator guided us wholeheartedly and with great insight into deepening our knowledge about ourselves, our business, our unique gift and how we can serve humanity and our planet.

Anna Curtius | Architect & Artist | Sweden

Bonuses for this specific Art of Startup Camp

Bali´s unique contribution to the Camp

Do you want to be in a city that has been considered the health center of the world and attracted the world’s most prominent health workers within their field for over a decade?
 If so, then this Art of Startup Camp in Ubud, Bali is an ideal setting for you to delve into the creative process and develop a solid strategy for bringing your offering into the world.

The venue’s unique contribution to the Camp

Place, food, inspirational talks, and activities are carefully chosen to boost our vitality. The Camp is located at a calm health and yoga resort in jungle setting. The resort is built with a sustainable internal ecosystem. With private cottages or rooms and a huge common pool area, we will be deeply integrated into the Bali magic. Contact us for bookings of accomodation at the venue.

Your unique contribution to the Camp

This is a co-created Camp and we will all share something that is of immense value to the others. Each person brings their unique “color” and insight to the event. These offerings may come from our perspectives or unique identity, or they may come in the form of specific skills we can share with the other participants. During the application process, we map out the different unique contributions that will shape this Camp.


Unique Goody Bag for the Bali Camp 2020

Total Value: USD582!

The sooner you reserve your spot, the easier for us to plan the Camp, and the more goodies we will put in your bag.


Apply now! Goody bag expires 31st of December 2019!



Get a free Balinese massage during the Camp



Get a free Theta-Healing session before the Camp. Addressing limiting beliefs around success and failure. By Luciana Mesquita (value USD115)



Get a free online XXX (value USDXXX)




Get a free online guidance on visual identity by seasoned Art Director Karin Gleichner (value USD170) 



Get a free pdf “11 Steps How to” web-guide by Utama Studios.




Get a free online Conscious Business Coaching session by Jonas Freeman before the Camp (value USD170).



Practicalities of the Camp


The retreat takes place from the 1st to the 5th of February 2020.  Before this you will receive a “Soul Fingerprint Reading” and exercises to do so apply in good time for the Camp. 

In this Camp, we follow a proven process taking stimulating the intrinsic drives of a human being. This is what creates stamina and endurance for an endeavor. We first open wide to explore values, resources, and personal meaning and then narrow down to core essentials and practical plans for growing your Conscious Business. You’ll find these modules, among others, combined with a brand strategy-model taking us step by step through the process towards the most important thing for a leader of a movement – clarity.
*Click image to enlarge. If you’re on a smaller mobile device, view the image horizontally to see it more clearly, or you can save the image to view on your preferred device later.

Outline of a typical day

07.00 Yoga/meditation
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Camp modules (including breaks)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Camp modules (including breaks)
17.00 Free time
18.00–20.00  Inspiration or free time (depending on local arrangements)


Exact location will be revealed to you after the application is approved.


The Conscious Business Community has as intention to make this the most potent startup retreat in the world. And also the retreat where you get most for your investment. See below prices! Limited amount of participants to 17.

All the Camp content and materials and Including 1 meal per day.



Get the Camp and a half day excursion to 7 waterfalls the day after tha Camp (19th of Feb). A day with our favourite tour guide in Bali taking you to some of the wild spots of Bali. Including lunch. After lunch we are brought back to Ubud.



Get the Wilderness package plus a full day of relaxing detox treatments the day before the Camp (13th of Feb). Perfect to prepare and reset before the Camp. The detox day includes:

  • Morning – Charcoal Juice or Wheatgrass shot

  • Fruit salad with fermented coconut yogurt or Ubudians or detox green Smoothies

  • Celullite or Slim Massage

  • Scrub & mud wrap & charcoal mask & ear candle

  • Infrared sauna

  • Lunch Time 1.30 (Raw Salad, Juice)

  • Drenagem Linfatica or Maha Vayu

  • Magnesium Bath

  • Detox Tea & take away to make sure that you finish your day with the proper food to support the detoxification process.

USD 730*


*NOTE all prices excluding accommodation, taxes for businesses, travel, transfer personal insurances and breakfasts and dinners. The packages are offered according to availability. The number of participants is limited in order to guarantee a relaxing Camp and a high-quality process.


What is included

  • Soul Fingerprint Reading
  • All the content of the Camp: teachings, written/recorded/issued material
  • Delicious vegan lunch for all 5 days
  • Surprise day activity


If you want accommodation at the retreat venue, let us know and we will give you the contact to book directly with the resort. 4 nights from around USD 377 in Deluxe Cottage with AC.


Reserve Your Place

In order to reserve a place at the Camp, everyone will go through a short application process. To move forward with your application, note that we need to know, which of the packages suits you. You find the options above.

Question and Answers

What´s the intentions behind this Camp?
Forget mainstream business courses. In the Art of Startup Camp, we approach business in a new and more conscious way. You are the leader, the one who holds the vision and who is the most essential source of the business. Any transformation of the leader will translate into the business itself, especially in the startup phase. We focus on offering you transformative resources that will help the business you create to be in full alignment with your ideals and intentions. The Camp is designed to give you the essential things for a successful startup that you can´t google. We tailor our facilitation process to the needs of attendees – and each attendee brings their own experience, gifts, and insight into the camp. You will have the support and time to create a new brand strategy, a strategy shaped by your unique gifts to the world and your soul’s purpose. You will also join our international network, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who support one another in creating and expanding effortless, heart-based Conscious Business. This network offers inspiration and practical experience from successful owners of unconventional and innovative businesses.
What is Conscious Business?
Conscious Business consists of two words: Conscious and Business. Every process that dares to question itself evolves. Any process that doesn’t question itself becomes stagnant and later also self-protective. If you don’t update the software in your phone it will get stagnant, but if you update to the latest software (developed by people that have been questioning the old one) your phone will just get better and better. Since business as a mainstream phenomenon is unsustainable and been stagnant for some decades, it needs an update. Add consciousness to your business and it becomes better in all aspects! The traditional models for business were established for a very different world, one limited in possibilities and information. But the world has continued to change, and the models for business must adapt as well. We live in a world where access to knowledge is no longer an obstacle and where the possibilities are infinite. In the creation of a successful business, our most important resources are individual clarity and a network of supportive people. We can see business as a process of human creation, as a structure that allows us to share value with the world. Consciousness is a quality of awareness, the force that allows us to learn, grow, and develop. It is the source of all human creation. Inquiry into the patterns of our unconscious minds (the ones that create 95% of all of our results) raises the level of consciousness. So in this case, conscious business means that we question ourselves as a way to optimize and update our leadership. We need more people like you and me that dare to question the previous version of business – and dare to question themselves – in order to evolve as a species and share more value with one another. Then we easily become the change we wish to see and our business contributes to a thriving ecosystem and the individuals in it! Experience this yourself by joining the Art of Startup Camp by Conscious Business Community.
What´s the background of the Art of Startup Camps?
The first Art of Startup Camp was hosted 2015 by the Conscious Business Community and has over time been proven to be a concept that empowers the growth and flourishment of startups. Even more importantly, it is a concept that transforms business and leadership from ground up into something that is in alignment with the philosophy you are teaching. Who wants to teach about health and wellbeing while feeling stressed out for example? Who wants to have a succesful business if it means you have sacrificed, health, family and good relationships?  
What is a Soul Fingerprint reading?
Before the Camp you will receive a Soul Fingerprint reading ‘live’ and in written form. A personality Soul Fingerprint reading is inspired by the ancient methods of Astrology and Inner Alchemy, all incorporated in a brand strategy process that takes us towards a concrete new business blueprint. We’ll be looking at your leadership from a perspective aligned with your deepest values. This will help you to redefine your approach to business and create a business you actually want in a short period of time. This reading, (even though it’s mind blowing and spot-on for most) is not intended to give you the answers. The goal is to bring up the questions and perspectives that will be beneficial for the creation of your unique conscious business. It will help to create awareness your distinctive gifts, values, and leadership style, and assist you in nurturing and cultivating these qualities. Leadership can be effortless, joyful, inspirational, and empowering. It can be a force that contributes to a thriving ecosystem on every level. The Personality Soul Fingerprint reading will help shine a light on your recipe for stepping into the highest potential of leadership.
Are you only allowed to start "a new Greenpeace"?
The Camp won’t interfere with what you do. The goal is to provide a process for you to gain deeper clarity on why and how you do things and what creates results. And it turns out that with greater and deeper consciousness of the things that actually governs results, our businesses naturally share more value more effortlessly and become more sustainable. With more value delivered, we also tend to receive more money. With less effort needed, we tend to be much more relaxed and joyful. Win, win, win. So the answer is ‘no’, to join this Camp you don’t have to start a new Greenpeace. You will find that a conscious approach to business helps you to naturally create more of the results you actually enjoy and less of the results you don’t. And this will happen in a much more efficient way than if you follow someone else’s “10 steps for a successful business.” In following your own personal process, the business you create will be aligned with your values and desires. On top of that, your conscious business will be a greater contribution to a thriving ecosystem and the individuals in it.
Why Art of Startup Camp?
Because you have more value to share with humanity then you may realize. Because it’s in the startup phase that we all need most support. Together 1+1 = 3. Because you will become the change we wish to see in the world. Because you deserve the new paradigm of business.

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