The New kind of success – video series

This is an interview with Sayuri, the owner of the newly opened and already worldly renowned place “Sayuris” in Ubud, Bali. She shares her story of success, old leadership and perspective on money. The restaurant and education centre for healing food that she has created inspiring not only because of its high quality of food and education, how it´s restaurant and courses are fully packed or how it quickly got international appreciations, but also in the simple, delicate and playful leadership of Sayuri herself. Definitely not the classical success story.

Humble and playful

Sayuri would herself never think she would inspire anyone in the field of leadership or business, but the Conscious Business Community saw that just who she is can inspire millions to create value with businesses instead of creating money – what the world is in desperate need of. Purpose driven and value oriented full of joy and playfulness – Sayuri shows us the way.

Why do the Conscious Business Community post videos with different kind of success stories?

– The World needs a new definition of success within business since the mainstream one is leading us all towards unsustainability and stress. Here we tell a new kind of success story then normally shared in the media. The stories can inspire us to relax into our true nature of creativity by raising awareness around the troubles we all encounter in our leadership (not leaving them out in order to sell an image) and by open our mind to what´s possible – how great can it be creating value for others?

Would you like to visit Sayuris restaurant or attend her courses?

Interview by Jonas Freeman, one of the Co-founders of the Conscious Business Community.

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