If Your Dream Isn’t Mainstream...

Art of Startup Camp

Art of Startup Camp

Into the Wild Edition

Are you ready to dive into your core purpose? Are you amazed by the power of nature to bring both inner peace and energy? Be prepared to experience this power yourself in an innovative conscious startup camp. This Five-day Retreat in nature is focused on the creation of solid and sustainable foundations for conscious businesses. During the camp, you’ll see the organic growth that comes for a business when ideas and actions are drawn from the balance of nature, both within and around you.

The Leadershift

Web-based Interactive Conscious Business Mastermind Program

Everyone says they are alone at the fore front of evolution. Well that’s easy to change isn’t it? We invite a collaboration of heart-lead Leaders to share the journey of growing our Conscious Businesses together. We evolve and co-create the next level of leadership for the world of business – The Leadershift! We not only live the change we wish to see in the world, but also educate ourselves in how to inspire others to do the same – this is The Leadershift the world needs. The Leadershift means that the greatest leaders aren’t those who have the most followers but those who create the most leaders.
"Conscious Business is really a part of evolution. The new way of doing business is up for definition and we are doing it right now in this Conscious Business Community it feels like. It really feels like evolution happens through us after being at this Camp."
~ Estela Kun | Founder Freedom Summit and Freedom X Fest

About Us

If your dream isn’t mainstream, welcome!

Together, we are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness from grey to colourful within the field of business.

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