Business Moves – The Art of Starting a Conscious Business

Portugal, March 21 to 26, 2021

Do you want clarity around your business idea and how to bring it into the world?

This is a well-proven exclusive 5-day conscious business program limited to 12 spirited entrepreneurs in the phase of launching something great. The five days are focused on the creation of solid and sustainable foundations for conscious businesses, experiencing a whole new way in creating business through the power of nature, horse therapy and embodied learning. Join us this summer in one of the most stunning venues Portugal has to offer.


What an amazing opportunity to get to understand yourself from a larger perspective while really honing in specific strengths, passions and areas to work on. I left the workshop with a much better understanding of my business and how to evolve it in accordance to my unique self and with a plan to continue to evolve both myself and my offering to the world.

Monique Evans | Los Angeles, USA

The Camp was the best business investment I have made – even before opening a business! I believe the future paradigm of business is all about the journey instead of rushing towards the destination, and the camp really represented that! All the elements of the Camp were truly integrated. The overall value exceeded all my expectations!

Helen Light | Feminine leadership coach | Sweden

Business should be fun, not forceful, and this camp made me realize this on another level. Now I truly believe the concept of conscious business is something that will become the new way of doing business and I deeply recommend others to take one week out of your busy schedule and join this camp. You will not regret it.

Emil | Digital entrepreneur and cryptocurrency educator | Sweden

The traditional models for business and leadership were established for a very different world. These models were established for a world limited in possibilities and information and where results where created by force. But the world and our understanding of the world has evolved, and the models for business must adapt as well.

Jonas Freeman, Mindfulnesscoach and Co-founder of the Conscious Business community


The “Business Moves” edition

Access to knowledge is not the problem today. It’s the depth of clarity in the leader that determines the potential.

The result of an Art of Startup Camp is clarity. Clarity on your unique leadership, clarity on direction and prioritization: What, why, where, when and in which way, and how to order your steps so that the business can be established with a solid foundation. But most importantly, clarity on all levels is what attracts what we want and what makes life and business effortless.

Through the body we can gain clarity to all aspects of our intelligence – intellectual, emotional, and physical.

In our modern performance-driven society, people are getting more and more disconnected from nature and their bodies. This concerns a conscious leader since everything about us is embedded in our body – mind, emotions, patterns, habits, beliefs, movements, emotional and physical trauma… Insight and knowledge of course can be gained on an intellectual level but the body has its own intelligence and language.

By being in natural surroundings, we tap into an inner fund of energy, clarity, peace, and motivation.
Science shows how nature brings our nervous systems into the Theta range, the optimal frequency for body and mind. In this state, we can bring efficiency, brilliance, and insight to anything we want to create as conscious leaders.


Horses have an incredible ability to reflect our internal experience in a way that allows us to grow and learn about ourselves.
Through therapy with horses we can go on a journey of self-discovery as we meet and interact with these wonderful animals. For many people, these interactions have been life-changing and pivotal, allowing a greater understanding of the influence of events and emotions in their lives.

This Camp gives you the essential things needed for a successful business – things you can’t google.

These five days together will promote inner wisdom and clarity on what makes you succeed as a leader and a solid, actionable plan for growing your business. But also allowing you to tap into your own body intelligence, accessing nature’s most primal language creating an alignment that will leverage your business to move with you.

You will gain access to collective years of experience, knowledge, and resources necessary for your conscious business, but this is only the beginning.

You’ll also have continuous access to the global Conscious Business Community, a network of supportive individuals who can help you navigate every step of your brand.




Forget mainstream business courses. In the “Business MovesCamp”, we approach business in a new and more sustainable way. These five days together will promote inner wisdom and clarity for everyone involved. You will gain access to collective years of experience, knowledge, and resources necessary for a startup, but this is only the beginning.

You’ll walk out of the retreat with clarity on what makes you succeed as a leader and a solid, actionable plan for growing your business. You’ll also have continuous access to the global Conscious Business Community, a network of supportive individuals who can help you navigate every step of your startup.

Walk away with:

  • A clear vision
  • An outline of a brand strategy for your conscious business
  • Knowing your brand values
  • Knowing exactly who wants your service or product
  • Knowing how and what to prioritize in the startup process
  • A strategy of how to share the value of your service or product with the people who actually long for it
  • Suggestions on how to communicate your brand with integrity to create the results you want
  • Clarity about how to use your potential most efficiently so that you can base your business on it
  • A “success recipe” for you personally as a leader of a movement
  • Alignment between yourself, your business, your highest potential, and inner purpose
  • Feeling enriched by the experience, knowledge, and creativity brought to the Camp by each facilitator and participant
  • A rebooted concept of business, offering a much more effortless and joyful future journey
  • A lifelong membership of an international Conscious Business network
  • Confidence and knowing that what you do is of great value to humanity as a whole


I found the week extremely rewarding on many levels. I feel your work and the camp really supercharged my business, and I look forward to manifesting the next level. After the camp, the flow of abundance and energy towards me and my business was amazing! My phone was ringing off the hook from clients wanting to work with me. The camp is multidimensional as it suits all levels of business from startup to taking an already established business to the next level.  

Julie Williams | Consciousness Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Retreat Centre Owner, Ireland | Ireland |

We are really invited into a new paradigm of business by the Camp. And we feel that this is the way! It’s about passion and not fitting in but being who you are and having fun, and YES it can work! We are the living example and you can do it! A gift of the Camp is that we all see business differently. We have different perspectives, but we have all been brainwashed with what business is supposed to be.

Grace Grace | Life expansion coach and speaker | Belgium


Facilitator Karin Gleichner is a co-founder of the Conscious Business Community. She believes that we all have beautiful unique gifts and we’re here to bring them to others. But due to our upbringing and education, many of us are not living our purpose. And that’s when we start to feel unhappy and sensing that “there must be more for me in this life”…

Karin’s purpose is to coach people on their path of personal growth, transformation, and expansion. Her clients are mostly exhausted professionals – she helps them to create consciousness, ease, health and excellence in work and personal life. Her coaching includes physical movement to access mind, emotions, patterns, habits, and beliefs more easily and create deep and fast overall changes in their wellbeing.

Since 1996 Karin is also an award winning Graphic Designer and the Creative Director of the Conscious Business Community since 2017. She’s a Yoga Instructor/Therapist (500h), an Embodied Learning Workshop facilitator and an entrepreneur, presently building her third company PRESENTE, a holistic sustainability agency.

All her occupations are about transformation as she’s passionate about creating things for the better. Over the years Karin has worked with hundreds of people and gained a broad experience in business and personal development processes.

Karin grew up and lived in Switzerland for many years before she became a world nomad, traveling, living, and working in many countries. By being abroad on her own, she overcame her traumas, went through a huge transformation process herself, discovered her purpose and became the person who she really is: a plant-powered enthusiast and life lover, conscious be-er and do-er, sports/dance/movement geek, empathic empowerer, entrepreneur, 24/7 consciousness engineer, biohacker (ok, sometimes I cheat on chocolate and wine) and life coach from the heart.
Co-Facilitator Jonas Freeman is both an experienced and inspiring startup coach and a co-founder of the Conscious Business Community.

Jonas is a Mindfulnesscoach, brand strategist, and investor who works to support Conscious Leaders. He is a skilled facilitator of transformative processes and has coached the Swedish management groups of Scandinavia’s biggest chain of gyms, SATS/ELIXIA, and thought mindfulness Sweden’s biggest private education company.

Jonas is also the co-author of the bestselling book ‘Freedom by Design’. He has developed a profound yet simple method to liberate ourselves from old business models and create a successful business aligned with our soul’s purpose.

Like many of us, Jonas worked in mainstream business for years before breaking away to create something new. He now gives Conscious Business talks and workshops worldwide, helping a global audience to “Turn Work into Yoga”. Jonas has been a positive catalyst in numerous companies during their startup, helping business plans to become sustainable, thriving businesses. Most recently, he has assisted the founders of Alchemy Academy and the Ming Herbs to establish a thriving conscious business based in passion and integrity.


I have experienced profound shifts in how I view business, money, conscious co-creation and MYSELF in relation to all of it. Having this beautiful combination of a Soul fingerprint reading and Conscious business coaching I feel well equipped to enter back into the “business world”. I better understand what my natural gifts can provide and feel hopeful about applying this wisdom to my conscious projects. To allow the journey to be effortless and in perfect alignment with my energetic, emotional and financial needs. I have gained insights into my “true calling” and feel the support of our motivational group, and of course our two loving, gracious, encouraging and focused facilitators.

Belinda Wehner | Professional Surf Coach/entrepreneur | Australia

The Conscious Business Camp was an amazing experience. I came to the camp with an open mind and left it blown away by the clarity around my calling that I found during the intense and soulful five-day journey I shared with the other camp participants. The facilitator guided us wholeheartedly and with great insight into deepening our knowledge about ourselves, our business, our unique gift and how we can serve humanity and our planet.

Anna Curtius | Architect & Artist | Sweden


The camp takes place from March 21 to 26, 2021. Ahead you will receive a “Soul Fingerprint Reading” and exercises to do so apply in good time for the camp.

In this Camp, we follow a well-tested funnel process. We first open wide to explore values, resources, and personal meaning and then narrow down to core essentials and practical plans for growing your Conscious Business. You’ll find these modules, among others, combined in a funnel-process taking us step by step through the process of identifying gifts and values, clearing blockages, crystallizing your brand, and forming a strategy which reflects and harmonizes with your unique offering.


Outline of a typical day

07.00 Yoga/meditation/sports
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Camp modules (including breaks)
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Camp modules (including breaks)
18.00 Free time
19.00 Dinner
18.00–20.00 Inspirational talks on two days



Quinta Carvalhas is an old restored farm in Portugal, one hour north-west from Lisbon.
Portugal offers an abundance of peaceful and wild nature and the climate is perfect for spending time outside.

Set in the rolling hills of Central Portugal, Quinta Carvalhas is a beautiful and peaceful family-run retreat center with luxury accommodation, yoga studios, meditation garden, swimming-pool, nearby forests, and a pond. It has a Spa to enjoy Reiki or different massage sessions and chill in the steam room. You can also jump on a horse’s back and explore the nature from a different perspective.

Their lovingly prepared, nutritious vegetarian food is farm fresh or locally sourced… and mouth-wateringly yummy!



The Conscious Business Community has as intention to make this the most potent startup retreat in the world. You get most for your investment with a small group of participants, 1:1 coaching, a carefully compiled and proven program, and an extraordinary venue that optimally fuels our work together.

Normal price: 2100€*


Early bird: 1850€
(until January 20, 2021)



  • Accomodation for 5 nights in a luxurious private room with shower and king size bed
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day (last day doesn’t include dinner: check out is 17.00)
Daily morning Yoga classes
Sound Healing session
Horse therapy
All the content of the Camp: teachings, written/recorded/issued material
  • Soul Fingerprint Reading


Taxes for businesses, travel, transfer and personal insurance.
The packages are offered according to availability.
The number of participants is limited in order to guarantee a high-quality process for you as a leader.

As soon as you send us an email showing your interest, you’ll be contacted for an interview within the next 3 days.
Please leave your full name and WhatsApp number in order for us to reach you!

Bookings & questions to


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Reserve your place

Due to highly restricted amount of participants everyone will go through a short application process.


What´s the intentions behind this Camp?

Forget mainstream business courses. In the Conscious Business Camp, we approach business in a new and more conscious way. You are the leader, the one who holds the vision and who is the most essential source of the business.

Any transformation of the leader will translate into the business itself, especially in the startup phase. We focus on offering you transformative resources that will help the business you create to be in full alignment with your ideals and intentions.

The Camp is designed to give you the essential things for a successful startup that you can´t google. We tailor our facilitation process to the needs of attendees – and each attendee brings their own experience, gifts, and insight into the camp. You will have the support and time to create a new brand strategy, a strategy shaped by your unique gifts to the world and your soul’s purpose.

You will also join our international network, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who support one another in creating and expanding effortless, heart-based Conscious Business. This network offers inspiration and practical experience from successful owners of unconventional and innovative businesses.

What is Conscious Business?

Conscious Business consists of two words: Conscious and Business. In short thats what it is, adding consciousness to business.

Business is in mainstream consciousness defined as a process that makes money, usually as a kind of a game with competitors. Modern day leadership is based on assumptions from early industrialism, assumptions has proven to be wrong. Business as a phenomena has created a lot of comfort but also many byproducts and is today associated with pressure, stress, forceful means and unsutainability. 

The Conscious Business Community is created to support an update of how humans share value with each other and inspire a radical new approach to Leadership (The Leadershift) – all to help create a bend in the direection of human evolution toward sustainability and wellbeing. 


What´s the background of the Conscious Business Camp?

The first Conscious Business Camp was hosted 2015 by the Conscious Business Community and has over time been proven to be a concept that empowers the growth and flourishment of startups. Even more importantly, it is a concept that transforms business and leadership from ground up into something that is in alignment with the philosophy you are teaching. Who wants to teach about health and wellbeing while feeling stressed out for example? Who wants to have a succesful business if it means you have sacrificed, health, family and good relationships?

What is a Soul Fingerprint reading?

Before the Camp you will receive a Soul Fingerprint reading, as an audios recording and as an inner personality map. A Soul Fingerprint reading is inspired by the ancient methods of Astrology and Inner Alchemy, all incorporated in a brand strategy process that takes us towards a concrete new business blueprint. We’ll be looking at business from a perspective aligned with your deepest values.

This will help you to redefine your approach to business and create a business you actually want in a short period of time. This reading, (even though it’s mind blowing and spot-on for most) is not intended to give you the answers. The goal is to bring up the questions and perspectives that will be beneficial for the creation of your unique conscious business.

It will help to create awareness your distinctive gifts, values, and leadership style, and assist you in nurturing and cultivating these qualities. Leadership can be effortless, joyful, inspirational, and empowering. It can be a force that contributes to a thriving eco system on every level. The Personality Soul Fingerprint reading will help shine a light on your recipe for stepping into the highest potential of leadership.

Are you only allowed to start "a new Greenpeace" at this Camp, is that what Conscious Business means?

The Camp won’t interfere with what you do. The goal is to provide a process for you to gain deeper clarity on why and how you do things and what creates results. And it turns out that with greater and deeper consciousness of the things that actually governs results, our businesses naturally share more value more effortlessly and become more sustainable.

With more value delivered, we also tend to receive more money. With less effort needed, we tend to be much more relaxed and joyful. Win, win, win. No, to join this Camp you don’t have to start a new Greenpeace. You will find that a conscious approach to business helps you to naturally create more of the results you actually enjoy and less of the results you don’t.

And this will happen in a much more efficient way than if you follow someone else’s “10 steps for a successful business.” In following your own personal process, the business you create will be aligned with your values and desires. On top of that, your conscious business will be a greater contribution to a thriving eco-system and the individuals in it.

Why Conscious Business Camp?

Because you have more value to share with humanity then you may realize.

Because it’s in the startup phase that we all need most support. Together 1+1 = 3.

Because you will become the change we wish to see in the world.

Because you deserve the new paradigm of business.

About Us

If your dream isn’t mainstream, welcome!

Together, we are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness from grey to colourful within the field of business.

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