The Leadershift

Web-based Interactive Conscious Business Mastermind Program

The Leadershift

Web-based Interactive Conscious Business Mastermind Program

Everyone says they are alone at the fore front of evolution. Well that’s easy to change isn’t it?

We invite a collaboration of heart-lead Leaders to share the journey of growing our Conscious Businesses together. We evolve and co-create the next level of leadership for the world of business – The Leadershift!

We not only live the change we wish to see in the world, but also educate ourselves in how to inspire others to do the same – this is The Leadershift the world needs.

The Leadershift means that the greatest leaders aren’t those who have the most followers but those who create the most leaders.

For you?

You have the intention to take your Conscious Business to the next level and grow it effortlessly and organically. You are personally in a phase of transition into an even higher level of consciousness and want your business to be aligned with this awareness.

You are ready to develop your own leadership skills and want to empower others to do the same. Being supported and supporting others in the mastermind group feels natural to you.

You want an environment where there is space for your wisdom and clarity to surface and support yourself and others, to inspire your own business and those of other heart-based leaders and innovators.

You would like to shape your business in a way that reflects the wisdom you have accumulated on your personal and spiritual journey.

You don’t want a Mastermind program that means that you will end up having a lot of more things to do. You do want an expertly coached, co-creative Mastermind program where each leader’s business has the space to flourish, to inspire, and to receive support from others.

You are fed up with networks where people share smart-ass strategies for success and want to find YOUR authentic way of expressing a business effortlessly and joyfully from the depth of your heart.

Your Background

You are a natural leader – clear sighted, expanded, heart-lead. You own or manage a wonderful Conscious Business, based on your hearts desire and your unique gift(s) (size is irrelevant).

Experience has awakened you to the negative impact that today’s world of business can have on individuals and humanity as a whole. You know that you can approach business from the heart instead, and you’ve seen the benefits of this approach.

You have been a bit of the ‘alone leader’ in creating your movement and now want to be a part of a community with likeminded heart-based leaders whose values align with yours.


A 6 months interactive web-based Conscious Business Mastermind-program.

The Program

  • 6 months of joyful expansion of your Conscious Business in collaboration with other spirited and heart-based entrepreneurs
  • An empowering co-creative space where insight and inspiration come from everyone in the group
  • An opportunity to learn and create the new leadership: The Leadershift
  • Regular coaching for clarity, growth, and the expansion of abundance and value
  • Time to reflect on important aspects of your business and bounce ideas with a partner
  • Tools and strategies to create a movement instead of doing marketing and sales
  • Coaching and training on the creation of a personal Brand Strategy for heart-based conscious businesses
  • A deep exploration into the dimensions of magic manifestation


  • 6 months / 6 modules and sub questions
    • New information/Inspiration for every module on the web
    • 1 Aspect of your CB to work on/module in exercises
  • 2-3 submodules per module
    • Online coaching session per sub-module
    • 1 online group meeting/module with a lot of time for sharing (info and exercises is posted as off-live sessions)
  • Continuous Trainings and teachings in aspects of THE LEADERSHIFT leadership & Conscious Business
  • Web-surface where shared training exercises offer deeper insight and greater inspiration, both from our own process and from those who share this space with us

Certification process

  • The Conscious Business Leader certification process is a crucial part of the Mastermind program
  • This certification is based on the criteria of the different reflection areas (linked to the modules) – these areas build the structure of how to build a sustainable / conscious business (maybe give some examples of the modules, as this is a bit vague at the moment)
  • Homework in the last modules: we address The Roots in the training and explore its practical connection with concrete sustainability. The Roots is a heart-based core approach to business which naturally creates effortless sustainability.
  • The certification document will contain the headlines and some questions. This will be filled in and signed by each participant and program facilitator. (Having witnessed one another grow and develop throughout the 6-month course, this is a more reliable and reality-based certification method than the “check box” kind of certification processes.)
  • In the sharing we certify each other.
  • An external advisory board will give feedback on your certification process. 
  • Follow up and validation on the certification document is required by group members once a year during a special ceremony.
  • The Conscious Business Leader Certification is a revolutionary certification process based on conscious creativity rather than check box (amount of hours spent, one time-testing, or evaluation of business plans etc…)

The Outcome

  • More relaxation and contentment while taking you and your business to the next level
  • Organic growth of your business
  • Development of leadership skills
  • A greater support network of conscious business leaders
  • Skills to empower others and guide them into conscious leadership
  • A certified Conscious Business
  • You will become eligible for Level 2 LEADERSHIFT Mastermind certification. This certification will allow you to hold Level 1 LEADERSHIFT Mastermind programs and certify conscious businesses for participants. This will also help to grow the conscious business community by spreading the Leadershift movement to other conscious entrepreneurs.
  • You will be able to show the Conscious Business Leader Certification logo on marketing materials


It starts when we have enough leaders signed up for a first Beta version test-pilot.


Be in the forefront! Join the first Beta version of The Leadershift and pay 1/3rd of the price plus receive all the early bird offers. Sign up and receive information about starting date.

Bonus and/or Early birds

  • Get a Marketing course by John Abbot
  • Individual session visual identity
  • Get your souls movement described through the ‘Gene Keys’
  • Individual sessions ‘brand inventory’
  • 10 Mindfulness meditations
  • Inspirational talks by heart lead leaders


The Leadershift Mastermind movement is a grounded process that contributes to the expansion of consciousness in business and to the evolution of society.

In joining the Leadershift Mastermind movement, you become an active contributor to this evolution in an effortless way:

  • Business is the creative process of humanity – this is how we create and share value.By constantly evaluating and upgrading business, we are also upgrading human creativity. This makes it one of the most important things to develop as a creative human being in the time we have within this life.
  • The certification processes of today’s courses and programs need a conscious shift as well. Doing a predefined number of hours and ticking check-boxes reflects old models of business and consciousness. We need a certification process which reflects our current level of consciousness.
  • We know that in the right environment wisdom arises from within the group and that this should be reflected in the certification process as well. We also know that life doesn’t follow rigid rules or check boxes, but flows naturally.


  • When we choose co-creation and open up to support in a powerful group, we allow things to grow exponentially.
  • This training offers the full benefits of a co-created space where wisdom can arise from facilitators and participants equally. It allows us to access the ultimate potential of knowledge, experience, and creativity available to the whole group. This revolutionary training method empowers us to a higher extent than traditional training styles.


$3500 USD including bonuses

$3000 USD

About Us

If your dream isn’t mainstream, welcome!

Together, we are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness from grey to colourful within the field of business.

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