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“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~ J. Krishnamurti

Today millions of brave people are breaking free from the stressful “rat race” and looking for something new and more meaningful.

We all have something great to share, but often we try to share it with the same old tool: business. A business framework which was established for a different world and from a different level of consciousness.

‘Inside you’ is also the only place where this framework can change.

Until we change the patterns in our consciousness and create our business according to real values with new models, we will create the same sense of stress and lack of fulfilment as before.

There are too few organisations today providing a new way to do business.

Instead, we are offered to fit our new understanding into old patterns by  promises to “turn our passion into business” or provide us with “the 10 steps to success”.

Without changing our perspective of business and our approach to it, no amount of traditional success-strategies will get us where we want to go.


The good thing is, creating a shift in our approach to business is as simple as it is profound – and it’s all we need to influence our personal & collective evolution in a healthier direction.

Once we change our approach, our results change automatically.

Practically speaking, this means we dare to question our most fundamental assumptions within ourselves, while at the same time tell ourselves an updated story around our business, based on a new vision.

“The only Revolution that can really change the world is the one in your own consciousness.” ~ Russell Brand

If your dream isn’t mainstream – then the Conscious Business Community is here to support you. Conscious Business means changing why we step into business in the first place. It means a dramatic shift in values. Money in itself is not enough.

A conscious approach to business means that businesses are created and operated with integrity, based on providing value to the world.

It means that your quality of life is enhanced by the business on every level, instead of sacrificed.

It means approaching abundance from a holistic, cooperative direction rather than a place of competition and scarcity.

The Conscious Business Community is dedicated to supporting businesses which will create benefits for every level of the world, including those which provide concrete, tangible contributions to the health goals for every nation and all environmental goals formulated by the UN and G8.


The vision of the Conscious Business Community is to see all businesses transformed into Conscious businesses and all startups taking off from a conscious foundation. We see the potential for business to be a colourful expression of humanity’s compassionate creativity and a force that contributes to thriving individuals and a thriving eco-system.


The Conscious Business Community aims to inspire, support, and facilitate conscious startups and conscious transformations for existing business, as well as to certify conscious businesses and make this qualification central to business ethic and success. We aim to do this through community building, events, and programs for both transformation and certification.

What we provide

  1. Inspiration – events in a community setting where we tell ourselves an updated story about business.
  2. Transformative programs where we define the new paradigm of business for each individual and support one another in growing the value delivered.
  3. An international network of co-founders; conscious entrepreneurs and business owners which provides support, guidance and inspiration.

4 guiding “Ctars”

  1. Consciousness. Consciousness is awareness, and it’s the key to sustainable growth. It means daring to questioning ourselves and to follow our own path, to break out of the mould to find a way that truly serves us on every level.
  2. Concrete value. Quality of life. Meaning. Fulfilment. Abundance in every area of life, not just the financial. Concrete value means a focus on what really matters, on what feels right, and on what offers real benefit to individuals and to the world also in the long run.
  3. Colours. For the Conscious Business Community, Colours are a celebration of human diversity and creativity, an acknowledgement that this diversity and creativity has the potential to be an amazing force for the creation of thriving ecosystems, for the business, individual, and environmental levels.
  4. Connection. For thousands of years, spirituality has informed us of our deep and abiding connection with one another and with every aspect of the world. Modern day science echoes this with current explorations into the quantum physics of the universe. No one is an island. Every word we speak and every action we take has a deep and powerful impact upon the world around us. Let us act with this understanding, in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, to create benefits that can be equally enjoyed by all.

When you are in the community

  • Our dream isn’t mainstream
  • We support each other to step into meaningful, fulfilling, and abundant lives
  • We lovingly question ourselves and the way we lead, focusing on personal growth rather than criticism
  • We transform businesses by being the change we wish to see
  • We enjoy life’s colours and use them to enhance our creativity
  • We know that the possibilities are infinite and that we can work together to make them realities
Who can join?

If you have an awareness of business and its relationship to sustainability, for the collective as well as for the individual, welcome.

About Us

If your dream isn’t mainstream, welcome!

Together, we are contributing to the evolution of human consciousness from grey to colourful within the field of business.

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