Smart-ass Business is Out. Time for an Update!

I got tired of coaches, consultants and networks that promised me the recipe for success without asking me what success is for me. And on top of that, they didn’t ask themselves how their success could contribute to the success of humanity as a species! We are in a...

If Today’s World of Business is a Pain in the Ass, Free Yourself!

Do you have something great to offer the world but also have the courage to ask the questions that shake that very same world? Then you might be the greatest asset for humanity´s evolution right now. The way we do business has not proven to contribute to a healthy...

Business has been a Dance that Steps on our Toes

Business has been a beautiful dance so far but a dance that consistently steps on our own toes as well as others and our future children’s toes. This means it needs transformation, not just change. We can change temporarily the way we do things but if the...

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