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If you have an awareness of business and its relationship to sustainability, for the collective as well as for the individual, welcome.

If you find it natural to support others in manifesting great value to humanity in their most effortless way and would like to use this community space to dream up a new future together, welcome.

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Gain access to CBC events including: “Conscious Business Awards”, “Dinnertalks”, and “Webinars” or some workation at a Creative Workation Oasis.

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Active supporter

If you join any of the Conscious Business Community programs (for example the Art of Startup Camp or The LEADERSHIFT Mastermind Program), you become a lifelong member of the active community and will be able to support others in their startups and business transformations. We offer space on our website for you to share your profile, as well as the opportunity to hold your own Camps and Mastermind programs, depending on your unique gifts and level of experience.

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Co-founding supporter

If you are in the fore front of human consciousness when it comes to business you can become a co-founder and link your network to this community. We offer forums on the Conscious Business Community website and in our Facebook group where you can share your perspective on old and new business paradigms and support the evolution of consciousness in business.

Level 5

Sponsoring supporter

Donate by buying entry tickets to the ART of STARTUP – Camp or for THE LEADERSHIFT Mastermind Program. (It’s a great surprise when you as an early bird get the program for free).

Level 6

Co-founding & sponsoring supporter

Sponsor and Co-founder at the same time.

About Us

If your dream isn’t mainstream – then the Conscious Business Community is here to support you. By providing transformative programs as well as inspiration we are a concretely contributing to the evolution of human consciousness from grey to colourful within the field of business.

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