Conscious Business is really a part of evolution. The new way of doing business is up for definition and we are doing it right now in this Conscious Business Community it feels like. It really feels like evolution happens through us after being at this Camp.

Estela Kun | Founder Freedom Summit and Freedom X Fest

The Camp was the best business investment I have made – even before opening a business! I believe the future paradigm of business is all about the journey instead of rushing towards the destination, and the camp really represented that! All the elements of the Camp were truly integrated. The overall value exceeded all my expectations!

Helen Light | Feminine leadership coach | Sweden

I would certainly recommend it to others! I was initially hesitant about giving up four whole beautiful Bali days to attend and wondering if the Camp would even tell me anything new. However, I found an amazing and supportive group of people as well as two skilled facilitators who managed to create an ideal balance of relaxation and creativity with productivity. I had fun and made lasting friends, but I also gained some really constructive insights that will help me move forward in following my calling in life. It also helped to crystallise for me some of the things that I already knew or felt, but didn’t realise how important they were to my business.

Jo Richie | Business owner and coach | UK

Business should be fun, not forceful, and this camp made me realize this on another level. Now I truly believe the concept of conscious business is something that will become the new way of doing business and I deeply recommend others to take one week out of your busy schedule and join this camp. You will not regret it.

Emil | Digital entrepreneur and cryptocurrency educator | Sweden

We are really invited into a new paradigm of business by the Camp. And we feel that this is the way! It’s about passion and not fitting in but being who you are and having fun, and YES it can work! We are the living example and you can do it! A gift of the Camp is that we all see business differently. We have different perspectives, but we have all been brainwashed with what business is supposed to be.

Grace Grace | Life expansion coach and speaker | Belgium

I have experienced profound shifts in how I view business, money, conscious co-creation and MYSELF in relation to all of it. Having this beautiful combination of a Soul fingerprint reading and Conscious business coaching I feel well equipped to enter back into the “business world”. I better understand what my natural gifts can provide and feel hopeful about applying this wisdom to my conscious projects. To allow the journey to be effortless and in perfect alignment with my energetic, emotional and financial needs. I have gained insights into my “true calling” and feel the support of our motivational group, and of course our two loving, gracious, encouraging and focused facilitators.

Belinda Wehner | Professional Surf Coach/entrepreneur | Australia

The Conscious Business Camp was an amazing experience. I came to the camp with an open mind and left it blown away by the clarity around my calling that I found during the intense and soulful five-day journey I shared with the other camp participants. The facilitator guided us wholeheartedly and with great insight into deepening our knowledge about ourselves, our business, our unique gift and how we can serve humanity and our planet.

Anna Curtius | Architect & Artist | Sweden

Recommended! If you’re ready to tune into your naturally given ingredients. Ready to enhance flavours into a tastiest more flowing life. The facilitators create a beautiful atmosphere for inner realisation and hold space for a conductive and nurturing group dynamic. I smiled, I cried, I had fun, I learned, I released, I grew. Many “aha” moments! There is something about seeing things on a chart, on paper… Good tools and having the right questions boosted my empowered feeling. It gave me an inspiring direction for my next steps. I was touched and enjoyed witnessing others going through the experience, each in our own way. Gratitude for all things shared. Conscious business coaching and a Soul Fingerprint reading are a great combo. I felt supported, safe to be seen, accepted for who I am and loved for it. And now? I feel “on track”.

Eve Kundycki | Architect | Belgium

The Conscious Business and Astrology Camp was jam-packed with value on both personal and professional level. The mix of astrology readings, group exercises and discussions made me understand what I have to offer to the world in a whole new way. It was like that game with the post-it note on the forehead; the one where everybody sees who you are but yourself. Thanks to our facilitators’ guidance, it finally fell into my hands so I could read it too. What is it that comes so naturally to me that I don’t even think about it? That’s what I’m focusing on in my business nowadays. As a result, I’m already pursuing new ventures with more fun and ease. On top of that, I also had a great time and has extended my international network of creative, resourceful and supportive entrepreneurs even further. Thank you!

Karin Skelton | Wellworking | Sweden

During the Camp I finally gained clarity as to where I am going, who is my client and what they need in practical terms in order to receive my services. Now I am creating a solid foundation for my startup and brand. In my opinion, the Camp had the perfect balance between a down to Earth (practical) matters and inner clarity.

Before this Camp, I had so many things to offer but yet didn’t know how to communicate them precisely, or even where to start. Nor did I know how to funnel things down and focus on what was really important. It felt like I was a boat going all directions depending on how the wind would blow.

It was such a nurturing and clarifying experience to ”work” in a collaborative and laid back way without creating pressure or expectations and honouring who we are in essence. It felt so much like home. I learned that I don’t have to be alone to do business.

Luciana Mesquita | Life coach and circle facilitator | Brazil

Conscious Business Camp opened up a space for me, in which I now can find my own way of doing business. A way that matches my personality and therefore will be much more effortless and sustainable. The icing on the cake were the inspiring, likeminded souls I met, who instantly became family! Conscious Business Camp started with an astrology reading. Mixing business and astrology at first seemed a little bold to me. As soon as I held the personal reading in my hands, it made all the sense in the world! This powerful tool plus the facilitators coaching experience, open-mindedness and flexibility throughout the process made the camp a unique and encouraging experience.

Sara Heinen | Blogger | German

The conscious business camp was a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to learn how to breathe and how to develop my business. The astrology component was really insightful, giving sense and acknowledgement to why I act the way I do. The biggest thing that stood out for me was the ability to reconnect with my essence, my spirit in beautiful surrounds with beautiful people. True connections that are lasting and meaningful. Just learning from each other gave great depth. I recommend joining the Camp if you are starting out on your business journey, seeking direction and are needing to learn how to relax. It will give you clarification.

Steph Wallace | Youth Coach | Australia

I feel what is most important when you choose your path in life is to feel absolutely certain about your calling in the world. The magical combination of Astrology and Conscious

Business coaching has provided me the absolute confirmation for my soul purpose in this life and my direction forward. The absolutely loving and supportive facilitators’ presence was incredibly inspiring through out the whole camp. Besides, I’m very excited to have continuous support from these amazing professionals via support group meetings, post camp.

With the inspiration I got from the camp, I am like a sailing boat that has met the right wind, blowing into the right direction. I cannot recommend enough this camp, especially for those who dream big.

Soojin Moon | Conscious Kitchen | Korea

I think you did an amazing job, the camp was a big pleasant surprise for me, well organized, professional, nice location, very good timing, great and adequate amount of fun and playfulness. The insights I needed came in unexpected ways, mostly because you made this look and feel like an effortless game. The ending was my big icing on the cake and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I think I can speak for most other participants as well when I say that the last few hours brought the clarity we were all looking for at the beginning. Wow, the energy we had as a group at the end was incredible, and it blows my mind thinking of how we helped each other with so much ease and intuition. I don’t know if you planned this outcome but I’m impressed anyway. The facilitator, it took me a bit to recognize his magnificence, but now he got me as his newest big fan. Thank you for inspiring me!

Luca Mona | Healer | Germany

What an amazing opportunity to get to understand yourself from a larger perspective while really honing in specific strengths, passions and areas to work on. I left the workshop with a much better understanding of my business and how to evolve it in accordance to my unique self and with a plan to continue to evolve both myself and my offering to the world.

Monique Evans | Los Angeles, USA

Superduper! It is easy to talk about the Camp, because it was so good! They way you put piece by piece together to a whole thing on the final Friday afternoon! To let everything step by step come/grow together inside me. And to find what is supporting me in this life, let go of what ́s not supporting. The big willingness from you to help me/us! The group dynamic was so powerful, the space of supporting, loving, acceptance, the feeling of safety that was created. That the 3rd day is saved for a surprise is excellent! You really “listened” to what the need is for the group. That we started the mornings with meditation/mindfulness was really good to start with and land in the body, thanks! By being yourself you change the world to the better! So in short; it was great, it was fun, it was challenging, there was happiness. This “Camp” will boost me forward and I am interested in what it/I will create from this space.

Csilla Albi | Sweden

The Camp was a big push for me to get clarity, encouragement and also meeting what I needed to meet within regarding what I was aspiring to do. The community setting is strong and supportive and the experience level is high and wide. I appreciated the different aspects that was presented that included both more self-developing/softer spiritual aspects as well as practical tips/tricks and coaching regarding business. I would say that the conscious business concept emphasizes on creating a clear space from within, ”The why”, and then nourishes ”The how” though experience and community support. A beautiful experience and community that I can warmly recommend.

Liv Lo | Sweden

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